Color Road is a skill-oriented game that keeps your attention guaranteed for hundreds of hours. If you prefer to play games that demand dexterity, you’ll love playing Color Road. Be Warned Color Road can be a very addictive game that will probably consume hours of your free time.

Color road gameplay

Essentially color street involves rolling colorful balls on a racetrack. Since the race track you are going to roll has no sides, you need to keep a high degree of control over your balls to prevent them from falling off your racetrack.

To get through the Color Road, you have to roll colored balls onto colored balls that are the same color. For example, if you roll a blue ball over your racetrack and hit a yellow ball, a red ball and a blue ball, you have to roll your blue ball over the blue ball and avoid the yellow ball and the red ball.

The primary goal of Color Road is to get the highest number of properly matched balls in a row without dying. So it’s great to get a high score that none of your friends can beat. To prove that you are the master of Color Road!

Tips to try:
1. Try to use the ramps you find in most levels.
You can usually use the ramps that you find in most levels to get out of a difficult situation. For example, if you want to avoid touching the wrong color balls, but find that the street is blocked with the wrong colored balls, you may be able to jump over the wrong colored balls with a handy ramp!

2. Try to keep looking down the street, past the next balls you see.
Many players successfully avoid hitting a ball that’s the wrong color just to find a fraction of a second to change the ball to hit another ball that’s the wrong color. Therefore it is advisable to look down the racetrack as much as possible. That way, you know exactly which direction you should control your current ball after avoiding the actual balls in front of you!

3. If you do not avoid balls, try to make sure your ball is in the middle of the racetrack.
To reduce the likelihood of accidentally diverting your ball from your racetrack, get used to putting your ball in the middle of the racetrack.

4. Try to focus on beating your high school.
If you find it hard to concentrate, focus on beating your current high score with at least one ball.

So, if you’re looking for a new game to download, you can not go wrong by downloading Color Road for PC!

To play / download Color Road on the PC

To play / download Color Road on the PC

  • Follow the instructions below, it’s really easy and it takes about 5-10 minutes to start the game.
  • Charging BlueStacks on its official site down
  • Run it and install it
  • Open the bluestacks app and set up your Google Play Store with your Gmail account
  • After this search for “Color Road”
  • Click the Install button next to the game icon
  • When you’re done, you can find and play Color Road in the “All Apps” or “My Applications” sections

Download the Color Road for mobile and tablet devices

Google Play Store Link
Apple App Store Link

Color Road trailer

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